Expertise and dedication at CORE


At CORE, our success is driven by the exceptional individuals who make up our dedicated team. We take great pride in our knowledgeable and experienced staff, who bring a wealth of expertise to every aspect of our operations. Allow us to introduce you to the talented individuals who lead our teams and make them truly remarkable:

Alvaro Bunster

Supply Chain Manager

+64 21 296 8156

With decades of experience in the dynamic field of supply chain management, Alvaro has honed a versatile skill set across various sectors within the manufacturing industry. Alvaro is adept at implementing robust systems and streamlining processes to enhance operational efficiency and drive organizational success. Their strategic approach to logistics, procurement, and inventory management, coupled with a keen eye for innovation, has consistently delivered cost-effective solutions and sustainable business growth. Their leadership is characterized by a collaborative spirit and a commitment to developing agile, transparent supply networks that respond swiftly to market changes and customer needs.

Phill Smith

IT Manager

Our IT Manager brings a fresh, proactive approach to managing our comprehensive suite of computer systems, hardware, software, and business intelligence solutions. His creativity shines through in problem-solving, where he deftly navigates challenges and integrates innovative solutions that enhance our technological infrastructure. Phill’s forward-thinking strategies and eagerness to embrace new technologies have already made significant improvements in our operations, demonstrating his potential to drive our IT department towards cutting-edge excellence.

Daniel Ludlam

Managing Director

Daniel has a wide range of experience across CORE, starting in admin and then sales roles for CORE Supply before moving into General Management of the business. Within CORE Timber Services Daniel led the business from acquisition, learning how to operate all of the plant across the site and understand and improve manufacturing processes and drive efficiency. Being able to start CORE Lumber from a standstill operational was a highlight of Daniels journey with CORE, leaning on his deep experience problem solving, negotiating and people leadership to bring the business to where it is today. Daniel is the Managing Director of CORE Supply and CORE Lumber and a Director of CORE Timber Services.

Andrew Barron


Andrew Barron, Group Founder, Managing Director at CORE Timber Services and Director of CORE Lumber. A timber Deep Dive specialist, 20 years building sustainable businesses in the industry gives Andrew in-depth knowledge in both international markets and domestic New Zealand markets. What excites Andrew is partnering to work together to grow business and that timber is a never-ending process and even after twenty years there is always something new to learn.

Samuel Wood


Sam fell in love with sales at a young age, cutting his teeth with negotiating extra desserts with this parents. Many cheesecakes later, he graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing from AUT university in Auckland. Starting his professional carrier at CORE Supply as Sales Support, working his way up to be the driving force behind the CORE Supply Sales and Marketing teams. Sam has been hopping around the Pacific Islands for the last 10 years, still loves cheesecake. Sam is the Sales Director and Sales Team Leader within CORE Supply leading the strategy for the distribution of the groups products to market.

Craig Richardson

Independent Advisor

Craig is an internationally experienced CFO, CEO and non-executive director, having previously held senior in governance positions with BHP, Vodafone, BlueScope Steel, and Coca-Cola. Craig is a co-founder of Faraday and personalised health leader Autonomy, as well as chairing advisory boards for a number of small and midmarket companies.

Each member of our team at CORE brings unique skills and expertise to their respective roles. We foster a collaborative work environment, encouraging open communication and continuous learning to stay at the forefront of our respected industries.

At CORE, we are proud of our team’s dedication, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We work together to deliver outstanding solutions and provide the highest level of service to our valued clients.

Reach out to our knowledgeable team today and experience the expertise and dedication that make CORE a trusted partner in the industry.

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