At CORE, we are more than just a group of companies. We are a family, united by a common cause – building a sustainable future. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is deeply ingrained in our manufacturing processes and material choices.

a forest

Sustainable Material Selection

We recognize the potential of our primary material – timber. It is not just a versatile and durable building material, but also a significant contributor to carbon sequestration. By using responsibly sourced timber, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, promoting a healthier, greener planet.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our manufacturing sites are designed to minimize environmental impact. Through innovative water recapture systems, we reduce water wastage and maintain a closed-loop, sustainable system. This allows us to preserve the invaluable resource, ensuring that we give back as much as we take.

Worker in sawmill
Wood planks

Comprehensive Product Range

Beyond timber, we also offer a range of building materials such as cement, steel, and plywood. We ensure that each of these materials is produced with utmost care and minimal environmental impact. By maintaining strict quality and sustainability standards across our range, we ensure that our customers can build with confidence, knowing their choices support a healthier planet.


Join us in our mission to build a better world. When you choose CORE, you’re not just choosing high-quality building materials, you’re choosing a sustainable future.

Closing the loop

Sustainability is a journey, and we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our practices. From our choice of materials to our manufacturing process, every aspect of our operation is continually assessed and refined for its environmental impact.