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At CORE Supply, we take pride in being a leading exporter of a comprehensive range of bulk building materials to countries in the Pacific Islands and beyond. With our extensive product offerings and unwavering commitment to quality, we are your reliable partner in meeting your construction and infrastructure needs.

Explore our Diverse Range of Building Materials Below:


Discover our wide selection of timber products sourced from sustainable forests. From structural and appearance timber to timber mouldings and flooring, we provide high-quality timber solutions that offer both durability and natural beauty.

Timber framing

Board Products

Our board products range encompasses various types, including Plywood, Fibre Cement Board, Hardboard and Gypsum Board. Whether you need board products for general interior or exterior construction purposes or specific applications like cladding, flooring, interior walls and ceilings, formwork, our reliable board product options have you covered.


We offer premium-grade cement that meets international standards. Our cement products are manufactured to deliver optimal strength and performance, making them ideal for a wide range of construction projects.



From steel beams and columns to steel mesh and reinforcing bars, our range of steel products is designed to provide exceptional structural support. Rely on our high-quality steel to ensure the strength and integrity of your construction projects.


Choose from our wide range of adhesives tailored to meet your specific bonding needs. Our adhesives are formulated to deliver strong and reliable bonds for various materials, ensuring long-lasting and secure construction assemblies.


With our extensive product range, competitive pricing, and dedication to customer satisfaction, CORE Supply is your go-to partner for all your bulk building material needs.

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