Engineered wood

At CORE Supply, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of board products that cater to your construction and building needs. With our extensive experience, strong supplier relationships, and stringent quality control procedures, we deliver board products that meet the highest industry standards. Explore our exceptional range of board products below:

Board Products

Pine Plywood

Experience the reliability and versatility of our Pine Plywood. Sourced from trusted manufacturers and subject to rigorous quality control measures, our Pine Plywood offers excellent strength, durability, and dimensional stability. Whether you require plywood for general construction or specific applications, our Pine Plywood delivers consistent performance you can rely on.

Plywood cross-section

Construction Plywood

Discover the superior quality of our Construction Plywood range. We source our plywood from partner factories renowned for their expertise and adherence to international standards. Our Construction Plywood includes various options such as okoume-faced, poplar-core, and black film face plywood. These products are meticulously manufactured to provide optimal performance in a wide range of construction applications.

Fibre Cement Board

Choose our Fibre Cement Board for outstanding durability and versatility. Our fibre cement boards are specially engineered to resist moisture, fire, and impact. They are an excellent choice for cladding, flooring, and interior/exterior wall applications. With our extensive supplier network and quality control procedures, we ensure that our fibre cement boards meet your project’s requirements.



Experience the reliability and versatility of our Hardboard products. Our hardboard is crafted with precision and care to deliver exceptional strength and smoothness. It is ideal for various applications, including cabinetry, wall paneling, furniture backing, and more. Count on our hardboard to provide a stable and reliable surface for your projects.

Gypsum Board

Discover the superior performance of our Gypsum Board. We partner with trusted manufacturers to offer gypsum boards that meet the highest industry standards. Our gypsum boards provide excellent fire resistance, acoustic properties, and ease of installation. They are an ideal choice for creating sturdy and visually appealing interior walls and ceilings.


At CORE Supply, we leverage our extensive experience, strong supplier relationships, and stringent quality control procedures to ensure that our board products consistently meet your expectations. We work closely with reputable manufacturers and conduct thorough inspections to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products.


With CORE Supply, you can trust that our board products are sourced from reliable suppliers, crafted with precision, and subjected to strict quality checks throughout the production process. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality board products that offer durability, performance, and value for your construction projects.

Partner with CORE Supply for top-quality board products backed by our extensive experience, trusted supplier relationships, and commitment to quality control. Contact us today to explore our range of board products and experience the difference that CORE Supply can make for your next project.