Douglas Fir

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At CORE Supply, we offer a diverse range of Douglas Fir structural and appearance products that are renowned for their strength, durability, and natural beauty. Douglas Fir is a premium softwood species widely regarded for its exceptional structural properties, making it a preferred choice in the construction industry. Explore our comprehensive range of Douglas Fir products below:

Structural Products

Douglas Fir Framing

Our Douglas Fir framing lumber is an excellent choice for structural applications, providing exceptional strength and stability. Known for its dimensional stability and resistance to warping or twisting, Douglas Fir framing lumber is ideal for framing walls, floors, and roofs in residential and commercial projects.

Douglas Fir Framing
Douglas Fir Beams

Glulam Beams

Douglas Fir glulam beams combine the natural beauty of wood with superior strength and structural integrity. These engineered beams consist of laminated layers of Douglas Fir timber, offering reliable load-bearing capabilities for heavy-duty applications such as beams, columns, and headers.

Appearance Products

Douglas Fir Cladding

Enhance the exterior aesthetics of your building projects with Douglas Fir cladding. The warm hues and natural grain patterns of Douglas Fir provide a timeless and elegant look. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, Douglas Fir cladding delivers both durability and a striking visual appeal.

Douglas Fir Cladding
Douglas Fir Panelling

Douglas Fir Paneling

Create inviting and visually appealing interior spaces with Douglas Fir paneling. Our Douglas Fir paneling products offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere while showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. Choose from a variety of profiles and finishes to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir flooring provides a classic and enduring option for residential and commercial spaces. With its inherent strength and distinctive grain patterns, Douglas Fir flooring adds character and charm to any interior design. It is a durable and long-lasting choice that can withstand heavy foot traffic while maintaining its beauty.

Douglas Fir Flooring

At CORE Supply, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality Douglas Fir products that meet your construction and design needs. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the right products for your projects, ensuring durability, aesthetic appeal, and customer satisfaction. Experience the exceptional qualities of Douglas Fir by partnering with CORE Supply for all your structural and appearance product requirements.

Douglas Fir Closeup

Experience the strength, beauty, and sustainability of Douglas Fir by partnering with CORE Supply for all your structural and appearance product needs.